Question #104

Question #104

Freelance Designers

A local design agency are looking for expressions of interest from freelance graphic designers with a good working knowledge of InDesign and the ability to work to Brand Guidelines and prepare artwork for print.

If that's you then I can pass on your details, or if you know someone who might fit the bill, please pass it on


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Sem Tolentino

Recommended by Jonny Britton of Timemaps

Administrator 14th April 2016

Beacon Creative

Contact : Phil Moore

We have a great deal of experience of Indesign and brand guidelines.

Administrator 14th April 2016

TGP Landscape Architects (North) Ltd

Contact: Christopher Davis

We’re a small firm of landscape architects with our own graphic designer, Dan Robinson. We wish to grow our in house graphics capability and would be very interested.  Dan has developed our own in house branding as well as rebranding of business parks etc.

I attach our graphics portolio for your information.

Administrator 14th April 2016

SixSix Design

Contact: Paddy Deans

I have worked to Brand Guidelines for client food suppliers to Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Co-op and Waitrose for plastic food packaging. This included consulting on print viability and via password control, downloading and preparing released artwork for final approval and subsequent print production onto thermoformed plastic containers.

I have also created brand artwork mock-ups for client business development purposes including illustrations, ingredient/nutrition panels, bar code etc.

Administrator 14th April 2016

Mark Fairley

Mark has done work for us in the past. He's based just around the corner from us in Cramlington and is very good. He used to be in-house designer for a print company so knows that side of it well.

Ian Wride

Administrator 14th April 2016
Administrator 14th April 2016

Nat Glover

M: 07730574170

Administrator 14th April 2016

Will Howe Creative

Contact: Will Howe

07834 913 855

Recommended by Richard Parker, e3design.

Administrator 14th April 2016

Cally Gatehouse

Recommended by Neil Wilson, NWD.

Administrator 14th April 2016

JamJar Studios

Contact: Tom Moore

Administrator 14th April 2016

Matthew Tye

07932 820 122

I'm currently working as a freelance designer, though I have 4+ years experience working as an in-house designer at commercial and government levels both in the UK and Australia. So working within and interpreting brand guidelines is almost second nature to me by now :)

I'm highly proficient in InDesign, and have used it to produce everything from simple stationery, to 200+ page books and reports for around 5 years. 

In my two previous in-house roles, I was solely responsible for design and so as a result I'm both comfortable and capable when it comes to preparing final artwork.

Administrator 14th April 2016

Mick Shotton 

Essential Design


Brand guidelines is very much something that he can work with bearing in mind the clients that he works with, including Centrepoint and Pharma companies.He has also done work for me in the past and I have found him extremely easy to deal with and a true professional in terms of turnaround and quality of his work.

Nicola Tynemouth
New Results Treaining

Administrator 14th April 2016

RGB Media Ltd

Iraa Kadchha

T: 0191 565 0471
M: 07840499649

Here at RGB MEDIA, we believe that we can provide everything that your business needs to make the world sit up and take notice.

We take pride in offering our clients the complete package of award winning services. From every aspect of public relations and web development to branding and design, meaning that you can rest assured that every element of your brand is dealt with to the highest possible standards and that your brand is represented equally across all media types.

Administrator 14th April 2016

Derek Simms

Recommended by Derek Atkinson.

Administrator 14th April 2016

Lily McIvor

As you can see from her portfolio, Lily has a great deal of experience with brands.

Barry Vallely
AYO Digital Limited

Administrator 14th April 2016

Northern Design Ltd
Colin Hagan

T : 0191 2616338
M : 07966 467331

Recommended by Ryan Maughan, Avid Vehicles.

Administrator 14th April 2016

Jo Malcolm

I am a practising graphic designer and qualified educator with several years experience in both industry and education. 

I have worked in diverse areas such as editorial and magazine design, corporate identity and brand development solutions, consultancy, advertising and promotional material for both new and established businesses and array of different clients across the UK and abroad.

Administrator 14th April 2016

Stephen Round

Recommended by Mikel Horl, Teesside University

Administrator 14th April 2016