Question #151

Question #151

Manufacturer of Inflatable cushions

Does anybody know of a manufacturing company who produces inflatable products with different finishes on them. eg the cushions you use on an aeroplane to support your head during sleep. We are looking for a partner to support some design work we are doing in this area. Thanks

Lee Taylor, LDT Design


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Bazaar Group in Cramlington are a major manufacturer of bean bags and other cushion type products, and have some manufacturing capability locally.

They may be able to help

Contact is Allison Chatten,

Terry McStea, Design Network North 3rd November 2016

Cottam Brush in Hebburn should be able to help once you have the design finalised. If you have a designed product with specifications and prototypes and are are looking for a supplier in China they could help them.

Contact is Alan Crook, Manufacturing Director,

Terry McStea, Design Network North 3rd November 2016