Question #201

Question #201

E-commerce software

Regarding Integration software for small e commerce company.
We are looking for tips and advice from anyone using multi platform integration software to link : accounts,stock control, web site, Amazon, Ebay, carriage etc.

What works, pitfalls etc.
We currently operate a 9 point order process with multiple duplication!
Solutions need to be suitable for a suitable for a £200K business.

Any advice or useful contacts would be appreciated



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Depends on your platform really. At £200k turnover you'll probably not be expecting a bespoke solution so there'll likely have to be a more-or-less turnkey approach- that'll depend entirely on what you use now.

Something like Storefeeder would probably work wonders for you - fairly inexpensive and powers a multitude of channels. They're myriad though.

Andy Robinson, Venture Stream 25th June 2019