Question #207

Question #207

Visual Basic experts

A North East based manufacturer is looking for someone with Visual Basic expertise.

They use it for programming internal data management and analysis systems, and their current

contractor is about to retire, so are keen to find a replacement.

If that's you , or you know someone, the'd love to hear from you. 

Terry McStea, Design Network North


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The demand for Visual Basic, as you will appreciate is shrinking but we are able to support the Visual Basic requirement as-a-service remotely if this is of interest.

As a Newcastle / London based enterprise architect practice (, we can own the commitment.

Ciensys works with various technology partners. The technology partner who can extend VisualBasic resources is based in Bangalore, India and will require a minimum commitment of 12 months.   

If this is of interest, please contact us via or respond to this email.

Prakash Sastry

Founder & Principal Architect


Blueprint 2nd December 2019

One of our practitioners is a programmer with Visual Basic experience who is very capable and suitably experienced. Please let me know how I should proceed?

Best regards

Darren Comben
Head of Operations
Jigsaw Business Group

Dean Stennett, Jigsaw Business Group 26th November 2019